Chiropractic Testimonials

"Top notch care. 3-4 years now of occasional adjustments and keeps me going without a bunch of hocus pocus BS I’ve had with others. Highly recommended!"

- Nick O.

"Anna is passionate about what she does and it shows the minute you meet her, and you won't be able to wait for your next appointment!"

- Amanda W.

"I got treated from Dr. Anna while she was working in NZ. How she uses her techniques does feel comfortable and I always felt secure with what she was doing. As well I like her soft tissue and taping work. I highly recommend her."

- Carina S.

"Anna is my go to when it comes to my chiropractic needs. Highly recommend her to anyone who has never been or have been going to someone else and would like to explore options!"

- Jason S.

"I luv Dr Anna! I have struggled for years with muscle fatigue. I feel amazing after seeing her for a short period of time."

- Ondrea R.

"Dr. Anna is extremely knowledgeable, kind, and genuinely cares about your quality of life and seeing improvement in your symptoms. I went from low back pain and frequent headaches to now no back pain and rare headaches!"

- Nicole J.

"With regular maintenance, all things feel better!"

- Nicole M.

"Dr. Anna has been great in helping me improve and now maintain my back health. She is personable and professional. I would recommend to anyone!"

- Alyx S.

"I enjoy coming here because I used to get severe migraines and with Dr. Anna's help, I only get the rare headache. I can actually function thanks to Dr. Anna!"

- Allison K.

"Dr. Anna has helped me get more mobility and decreased my pain and tingling after whiplash and symptoms from a car accident. She has also made me more conscientious of my own body and how it is feeling!"

- Leif S.

"I've had shoulder and back pain for too many years to remember. After coming here; I am stronger in the gym and have full range of motion again. 10/10 recommend!"

- Joe M.


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